Outside the fortified centre, on the current Via Roma and in front of the Municipal Villa, stands the Ducal Palace of Tora, built in the mid-eighteenth century by the Galluccio family to replace the old palace that once stood within the castle walls.
The history of the house is a history of feelings and great love for this land and its possessions.
Those of Giovanna Galluccio, the last representative of a historic family, who after three centuries sold the palace of Tora and all its assets and estates to Baron Gaetano Cepparuli of Solfatovetere.
Of the Cepparuli family who took over an important property and history and who became deeply attached to it. And finally of Adele Cepparuli, who brought the palace and all the properties to Baron Pasquale Falco, great-grandfather of Antonia d’Amore.
This historic house was also witness of the dramatic events of the Second World War.
Thanks to the example and intelligence of Baroness Antonietta Falco, her family and the whole town of Tora (including the mayor himself) the hiding Jews were saved.
The episode concerning little Annie Sacerdoti is particularly touching. She was born in the palace under the bombing and she was left in the arms of Baroness Antonietta when her parents were forced to flee into the woods.
Some pictures of these moments are also reported in the book “Il silenzio dei Giusti” by the journalist Piero Antonio Toma. Seventy-five years later, the story of Tora e Piccilli and the great humanity of its inhabitants was also told in the documentary “Terra bruciata” by the director Luca Gianfrancesco.